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20.345: Bioinstrumentation Project Lab

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Leanna Morinishi

I'm Leanna, no longer a senior in Course 20. I find all sorts of things fascinating which is both a joy and a nuisance. Through 309, I began to better understand the impact of improved imaging tools on fundamental movements in the field, and I would love to broaden this learning experience to at least 3 new imaging- or measurement- related approaches this term. As a scientist, I really feel like I need to better understand not just the function of the scopes available commercially, but also the physical concepts and limitations associated with them. Specifically I'd like to learn more about image processing and/or 3D imaging. I think it would be great to be able to track cell migration or other small movements in 3 dimensions over time with the parts available to us in the 309 lab.

I believe that my final project will be in light field imaging[1] a technology recently seen in the Lytro Camera. See my final project page for more details.

Lab Reports

Leanna Morinishi Lab 1
Leanna Morinishi Lab 2

Final Project

Things related to the final project.

Such as the proposal and the final report.


  1. Light field microscopy - Stanford 2006 (pdf)