Spring 2012: Ajoke Jumoke Williams

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20.345: Bioinstrumentation Project Lab

Statement of Interest

My role model

Hey, I'm Ajoke(not pronounced -a-joke) Williams and I'm a senior in Biology. I took 20.309 my sophomore year and it was a frightening experience;mostly because the class was really hard for me. Nevertheless the material was awesome. Because of 20.309 I received my first exposure to optics and matlab. Although 20.309 only touched on geometric optics I found thinking about light and its propagation through space and matter exciting. Fast forward to my senior fall year and I found myself taking a Modern Optics class and working in a UROP where I mostly code in matlab, which is pretty ironic since geometric optics was not my friend my sophomore year and I have never before considered myself a "programmer". My expectations for this class are to learn more about optics and how optical components are interfaced with electrical and digital components to make robust biological measurement/imaging systems, to improve my programming skills and learn how to build a PCB board. Right now I think I'm leaning towards working on the STORM imaging method for a final project.

Journal Entries

All journal entries will be written on my personal blog ( from which I have removed all personal blog related entries =D ). All code related to my final project can be found in my public folder. [joke021] and will remain there until May 23 ( after which I will transfer them to the course share).


Williams: Optical Trapping Lab 1
Williams: PSF and Deconvolution Lab 2

Final Project

A.Williams: Objectives and Literature Review
Final Project Proposal Williams
Spring 2012: Williams Key Factors Table