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20.109(F21): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering
Drawing provided by Marissa A., 20.109 student in Sp21 term.  Schematic generated using BioRender.

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       Module 1: Genomic instability                          Module 2: Drug discovery       

BE Communication Lab

Throughout the semester you will participate in workshops provided by an Instructor from the BE Communication Lab, Dr. Prerna Bhargava <bhargavp@mit.edu> or Dr. Sean Clarke <saclarke@mit.edu>. These workshops will help you prepare your major communication assignments. The resources provided at these workshops will be posted below.

To schedule an appointment for help from a BE Communication Fellow:

For assistance finding research articles, managing citations, etc.

Workshop Slides and Recordings

Additional resources

Tips from Prof. Jen Heemstra

Ideas for brainstorming

Examples from NIH