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20.109(S17): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering


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       1. High-throughput ligand screening        2. Gene expression engineering        3. Biomaterials engineering              

Teaching team for Spring 2017

Teaching faculty:

Communication instructors:

Teaching assistant:

Lab manager:

  • Hsinhwa Lee

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  • Damon Berman
  • Jonathan Crawford
  • Nora Enright
  • Micayla Flores
  • Colleen Foley
  • Aidan Gilson
  • Kerrie Greene
  • Siddarth Guha
  • Henry La Soya
  • Benjamin Oberlton
  • Catherine Roukhadze
  • Sachin Shinde
  • Wendy Trieu
  • Jessica Wu
  • Chloe Yang


  • Sophie Blackburn
  • Alexis Cuellar
  • Madison Darmofal
  • Sarah Dilorio
  • Neslly Estrada
  • Samantha Leff
  • Jordyn Mann
  • Joshua Mesfin
  • Hunter Richardson
  • Alexander Roman
  • Valentino Sudaryo
  • Rahma (Fauziah) Zakaria
  • Vivian (Jiwei) Zhong

Office hours for Spring 2017

Regular office hours:

  • Noreen: Mondays 2-5 pm in 16-317
  • Leslie: Tuesdays 9:30-11 am in 56-341C
  • Maxine: Thursdays 9:30-11 am in 16-239
  • By appointment: contact via email and include days and times that you are available to meet

Additional office hours for major assignments:

Absence policy

Absences from lecture:

  • You are responsible for all information provided in lecture.

Absences from laboratory:

  • Excused absences should be discussed with the 20.109 teaching team as soon as possible. Because we are unable to provide make-up laboratory time, you may be required to attend the other section to complete the necessary experiments.
  • Unexcused absences will result in a full increment deduction from your final grade on the major assignment for the module (for example, a B+ would become a B).