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20.109(F21): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering
Drawing provided by Marissa A., 20.109 student in Sp21 term.  Schematic generated using BioRender.

Fall 2021 schedule        FYI        Assignments        Homework        Class data        Communication        Accessibility

       Module 1: Genomic instability                          Module 2: Drug discovery       

Welcome to 20.109! It is our goal to make this class a useful and fun introduction to the experiments and techniques used in biological engineering. Though there is not enough time to show you everything needed to do research, after this class you will feel confident and familiar with some fundamental experimental approaches and laboratory protocols. You will develop good habits at the bench, which will increase the likelihood of success in your work and ensure the health and safety of you and your labmates. By the end of the semester, you will also be well-versed in good scientific practices - through your experience with scientific writing, notebook keeping, and orally presenting data and novel ideas. All of us involved in teaching 20.109 hope you will find it a satisfying challenge and an exciting experience that has lasting value.

Lecture times: Tuesday (T) and Thursday (R) 11 - 12 pm in 16-220
Laboratory section times: Tuesday (T) and Thursday (R) 1 - 5 pm or Wednesday (W) and Friday (F) 1 - 5 pm in 56-322

Absences from lecture: Attendance will be recorded for participation points throughout the semester. If absent, student is responsible for all information provided in lecture.
Absences from laboratory: Excused absences should be discussed with the Instructors as soon as possible. Because make-up laboratory time is not provided, attendance in another section may be required to complete the necessary experiments. Unexcused absences will result in a 1/3 of a letter grade deduction from the final grade on the major assignment for the module (for example, a B+ would become a B).

R/F Sep 9/10 NLL
[[ |Slides]]
Orientation and laboratory tour
prelab slides
M1D1 T/W Sep 14/15 BE
Learn best practices for mammalian cell culture
prelab slides
Orientation quiz
Homework due
M1D2 R/F Sep 16/17 BE
Prepare and treat cells for repair foci experiment
Homework due
M1D3 T/W Sep 21/22 BE
Use immunoflourescence staining to assess repair foci experiment
Homework due
M1D4 R/F Sep 23/24 BE
Treat cells and perform high-throughput genome damage assay
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
M1D5 T/W Sep 28/29 BE
Draft data slide for major assignment
Homework due
M1D6 R/F Sep/Oct 30/1 BE
Image and analyze high-throughput genome damage assay
Homework due
M1D7 T/W Oct 5/6 BE
Analyze data using statistical methods
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
M2D1 R/F Oct 7/8 JN
Review small molecule microarray (SMM) experiment and results
Homework due
T/W Oct 12/13 Indigenous People's holiday Data Summary draft due Wed, Oct 13 at 10 pm
M2D2 R/F Oct 14/15 JN
Complete in silico cloning of protein expression plasmid
Homework due
Research talk due Sat, Oct 16 at 10 pm
Blog post due Mon, Oct 18 at 10 pm
M2D3 T/W Oct 19/20 JN
Perform protein purification protocol
Homework due
M2D4 R/F Oct 21/22 JN
Assess purity and concentration of purified protein
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
Data Summary revision due Sat, Oct 23 at 10 pm
T/W Oct 26/27 Journal club presentations
R/F Oct 28/29 Journal club presentations Homework due
Blog post due Sat, Oct 30 at 10 pm
M2D5 T/W Nov 2/3 JN
Prepare for secondary assay to test putative small molecule binders
Homework due
M2D6 R/F Nov 4/5 JN
Perform secondary assay to test putative small molecule binders
Homework due
M2D7 T/W Nov 9/10 JN
Complete data analysis
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
R/F Nov 11/12 Veteran's holiday
T/W Nov 16/17 Comm Lab workshop
Organize Research article data figures and outline text
Homework due
R/F Nov 18/19 NLL
Draft research question for major assignment Homework due
T/W Nov 23/24 Thanksgiving holiday Research article due Mon, Nov 22 at 10 pm
Blog post due Tue, Nov 23 at 10 pm
R/F Nov 25/26 Thanksgiving holiday
T/W Nov/Dec 30/1 Research proposal pitches Develop Research proposal ideas and presentations
Homework due
R/F Dec 2/3 NLL
Participate in Research proposal peer reviews Homework due
T/W Dec 7/8 Research proposal presentations
R Dec 9 Feedback session and lunch
Blog post due Thu, Dec 9 at 10 pm