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20.345: Bioinstrumentation Project Lab

Develop a Key Factors Table

Develop a Key Factors table for your project like the one below. It's entries should be entirely replaced by your entries and it should be prominently featured on your wiki. Just cut and paste the code into your wiki and edit accordingly.

Your table must not be long or excessively detailed, but the entries should be specific. In a project of this duration you probably should not include more than three rows. And you may only need one. The table's purpose is to remind you 3.5 weeks from now, and communicate to others between now and then, what you are trying to do.

These are the factors against which we will judge your progress. You will be judged in part by your location relative to these destinations in 7 weeks, and in large part by the path you take on your journey there, which is often directly related to the amount of time you put it.

Key Factors Proposed Technical Targets Requirements for Success Current Practice Associated Technical Barriers
Topology-following eAFM imaging Lever deflection within 50% of diffraction transducer range throughout 10 um stage z-range Lever deflection within 85% of diffraction transducer range throughout 10 um stage z-range 10um true scanning z-range common on commercial systems z-Position sensing speed and z-piezo speed
EdSTORM functionality Demonstrated 100nm resolution Any STORM image 10 nm resolution spec'd on commercial systems Mechanical stability, Dye QE and time constants
eSTORM system cost $15,000 $20,000 >$250,000 for commercial Laser source power, Imaging detector sensitivity, Dye QE and time constants