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Spring 11:QRT-PCR weekly reportsSpring 11:SMRSpring 11:eSTORM
Spring 11 ChemotaxisAssayWeeklyReportsSpring 11 Chemotaxis Assay Weekly ReportsSpring 2011:3D PSF lab
Spring 2011:3D PSF lab:KristinSpring 2011:CellFinderSpring 2011:Optical Trapping Lab
Spring 2012:LFMSpring 2012:LFM DocumentationSpring 2012:LFM Extra
Spring 2012:LFM LiteratureSpring 2012:LFM ProposalSpring 2012:LFM Report
Spring 2012:Leanna MorinishiSpring 2012:Leanna Morinishi JournalSpring 2012:Leanna Morinishi LFM
Spring 2012:Leanna Morinishi Lab 1Spring 2012:Leanna Morinishi Lab 2Spring 2012:Leanna Morinishi Lit Search
Spring 2012:PSF labSpring 2012:SnotSpring 2012:Vincent Lee Journal
Spring 2012:Vincent Lee Lab 1Spring 2012:Vincent Lee Lab 2Spring 2012: Ajoke Jumoke Williams
Spring 2012: Jonathan GootenbergSpring 2012: Jonathan Gootenberg FinProjectSpring 2012: Jonathan Gootenberg Journal
Spring 2012: Jonathan Gootenberg Lab 2Spring 2012: Jonathan Gootenberg STORMSpring 2012: Real Time qPCR
Spring 2012: Vincent LeeSpring 2012: Williams Key Factors TableSpring 2012 Bioinstrumentation Project Lab
Spring 2012 Bioinstrumentation Project Lab.Spring 2020 Assignment 10Spring 2020 Assignment 6
Spring 2020 Assignment 7Spring 2020 Assignment 8Spring 2020 Assignment 9
Spring 2020 assignment 10Status Report Interrogatories (Spring 2012)Super resolution microscopy
TableTop MRITechnical WritingTemporary Optics Bootcamp
TheoryThermal Quenching ModelThorLabs OTKB optical trapping kit
Todo ListTroubleshootingTwo-color Yeast Protocols
Understanding log plotsUnderstanding the lock-in amplifierUsing CRISPRi to increase ethanol yield in E. coli MG1655
Using nonlinear regression to create a camera specification sheetUsing tfest to find a system modelWeekly Progress Reports
Weekly UpdatesWikibodeplots.mWilliams: Optical Trapping Lab 1
Williams: PSF and Deconvolution Lab 2